Thursday, May 5, 2011

Project 52: Little Miracle(s)

A few months ago EG saw a caterpillar to butterfly kit at our local botanical gardens.  Since then she's begged to "make" her own butterflies...LOVES butterflies.  Then, a few weeks ago had an awesome sale on the butterfly kit so we ordered them.  When they came in the mail EG was beside herself!  She watched those tiny little caterpillar larvae grow from day to day and never ceased to be amazed.  She couldn't stand it waiting for them to crawl to the top of the cup to "wrap up" in their chrysalises!  Knowing that it would still be a few more days for them to turn into chrysalides we left the caterpillars at home while we took a weekend trip to Memphis.  Upon our return, EG was bursting with excitement to see what they had done while we were gone.  In the midst of her excitement to see them, the caterpillar cup (with brand new chrysalides at the top) somehow managed to end up rolling across the floor flinging the chrysalides from the top of the cup and inciting a 3 hour total devastation induced crying session!  Of course I read the manual before ordering our live caterpillars and the newly formed chrasylides are the most vulnerable stage of the life cycle.  I think the manual even said not to even touch the cup at this point!  Great...they were pretty much goners.  The fact that they probably weren't going to turn into butterflies (or would be deformed and unable to fly) broke EG's heart.  Hoping and praying that they would somehow survive (and reading a few success stories while researching online), I decided to save them.  After letting their chrysalis harden I gently removed them from the cup and placed them on a napkin at the bottom of the butterfly house (as instructed if any of the chrysalides happen to detach from the top of the cup).  There was no movement, no indication of life, nothing.  It broke my heart to watch EG run to the butterfly each morning to see if any butterflies had formed.  I had made the decision to finally get rid of them, then lo and behold the very next morning I was awakened with joyous shrieking!  Yep, a butterfly!  A real, live, healthy BUTTERFLY!  Christmas morning was even half as exciting for EG as this miracle butterfly!  Thinking that this was probably our only miracle, I went ahead and prepared EG for the fact that the others probably wouldn't turn into butterflies, but we decided to wait a few days to be sure.  Three days later, we awoke to THREE butteflies!  Holy cow!  I know I certainly didn't believe that we would have any, and definitely not THREE.  I am so thankful for our little miracle butterflies because they have made EG's year, I'm sure!  We released them on Monday and she was so happy for them to go "find new friends".  She continues to talk about them each day saying maybe she'll see them again soon and how happy they were to be able to fly free.  It melts my heart :)  Here's the story in pictures:

One empty chrysalis and the others waiting to emerge:

 The first little guy (or gal...) and an elated EG:

 Getting ready for the release...
Two butterflies still waiting to fly away :)

One stuck around to play for a little bit!  Can you see her elation??

Finding the last little butterfly a perfect flower bush and kissing it goodbye.  Such a sweet ending to our little butterfly story. :)

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  1. My little grandchild Layla got her caterpillars yesterday. She has the same kit. Can't wait to see her butterflies.