Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quick Storm Update

Updating from my phone. Thought I'd give you a quick rundown of things in Huntsville where I live. My family and friends are safe. No power or network there right now. They hope to restore power by Wednesday. We are at a friends lake house near Birmingham where we thankfully have power and a hot shower! Conditions are very bad at home with 3 hour long lines for gas and groceries. However, many people in north Alabama are dealing with much worse - loss of life and property. We were spared from that aspect and are beyond thankful. Please remember in prayer those affected. I hope to be sharing fun stuff with you soon, but right now I'm not sure when that will be. My apologies for not responding to comments and emails during this time...I only have my phone! Share with you soon!


  1. I'm so glad you're ok! It's terrible what's happening in your country. I hope everything returns to normal life very soon. Hugs.

  2. hi. just came across your blog a couple of minutes ago.....i really like it. you are so creative. i've just stubble on this post and so sad and what is going on where you are and at the same time (even though i don't know you) relieved that you and your family are safe.
    thinking of you from the fiji islands

  3. Hey girl I feel your pain. My mom and dad lost their home to last wed tornados. I live in north Al and we took a tremendous hit. I know so many people that have died or been injured. we just received power yesterday. I worked in the er that night and i pray i never see the destruction i saw that night. so glad u are good. everyone asks what can they do for my family and the answer i give is "pray". My family is alive, so many around here are not. In Dekalb county alone(where i live) we have lost 35 people that are accounted for right now. my heart is sad, but God will pull us thru.