Monday, April 4, 2011

Pattern Pieces are Ready! {Twirl Dress Pattern}

Yay!  I finally have the Twirl Dress pattern pieces ready for you to use in size 4/5!  You can easily up or down size them as needed (or follow the instructions in the posts to make your own pattern - seen here and here).  The pattern pieces will work for either dress shown below, and you can make it with or without the lining.  Enjoy!

**Please keep in mind that this is a hand-drawn pattern that includes minor mistakes (ya know, like eraser marks...yeah, use the dark black lines!)

Obviously, this is for personal use only and NOT for sale :)


  1. Aimee-To make it smaller, I would take the bodice and hold it up to your little girl and adjust it accordingly--probably taking it in at the sides a little and the bottom a little, and maybe making the straps thinner. The skirt, I would take off a bit along the sides, and of course the bottom for length, but if you are gathering the waist anyway, you don't need to do much--especially with a twirl skirt! CUTE pattern! I'm excited to try it out!