Sunday, April 10, 2011

One Month to Win It Update and Thank you!

Well, I hate to say it, but I didn't make it on to Week 2 of One Month to Win It.  The Week 1 theme of Wall Art was a huuuuuuge stretch for me, since I don't really do wall art.  Ha!  It was so fun to get out of my comfort zone and participate though!  I LOVED all of the projects, and you should definitely go check them out (as well as stay tuned each week for the different themes and projects!).  I am so thankful to have been chosen to participate and wish everyone still competing the best!!  As for my Week 1 project, it was the Mini Art Gallery.  My daughter has been begging for a place to hang her art, so I created one!  As for the "crafty" part of the gallery I created the two plexiglass frames by attaching two pieces together, leaving the top and sides open.  Then, I hand cut the hot pink vinyl frame design and very carefully placed it on the plexiglass to create a frame that is easy to change out pictures as often as the heart desires!  I also created the three letters that spell "ART" by painting the edges pink, mod-podging (so not a word, but it should be...also my first time with Mod Podge!) cute fabric to the top (that EG picked out), and adding some rolled fabric flowers.  It didn't feel complete with just those things, so I added two existing frames to the middle.  In the bottom one, I placed "About the Artist" information that I created in Photoshop.  EG loves it, and I so enjoyed creating it!  Thanks to everyone who voted for my project (whether you guessed it was mine or not), and follow One Month to Win It to see what happens from here on out!  Thanks also to all of the hosts of the competition who invited me to participate in the first place :)  So fun!

P.S.  For fun, I just might still share with you all my project for Week 2 (Mod Podge!) that I'd already started :)


  1. Yes.Please share it with us, Jessica. You and your artist did a great job on this art gallery. The best part is that you can continue to update it with the newest projects!

  2. I love yor wall art. I wish my daughter was patient enough to make some of these too. I also think it'd be great if you shared your project with us.

  3. I'm sad you didn't move on, I voted for you!