Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Somewhat Shamrock" Simple Headband {Tutorial}

I'm not huge on St. Patrick's Day.  I have nothing against it, just not something I really get into.  Probably {mostly} because it's my daddy's birthday and I associate it more with that than anything else.  Anyhow, I figure it's only right to create something for the occasion, but I wanted to make it something that wouldn't be so "St. Patrick's Day-specific" that it couldn't be worn at any other time of year.  From that thought was born the "somewhat shamrock" headband.  As you can see, it is an easy ribbon/fabric flower headband, but I've altered the shape a little to {loosely} resemble a shamrock.  Fun and somewhat festive...it's got green at least!  This really is very easy and took about 15 minutes to complete start to finish!

- scrap fabric
- 1/4" or smaller elastic OR elastic hair band
- ribbon
- button
- hot glue gun
- regular sewing stuff
- scrap felt

First, we need to take some measurements to determine how long to cut our ribbon and elastic.  Measure around your child's head where the headband will fit.  Cut a piece of elastic the length of the number you subtracted.

Example:  For a child with a 20" head measurements you would cut a piece of ribbon 16" (or 17") and a piece of elastic 4" (or 3").  

Once you have your ribbon and elastic cut, take your length of ribbon and fold one end down about 1/2" toward what will be the inside of the headband:

Fold that end over another 1/2" to enclose the raw end of the ribbon (and hold the elastic):

Holding that end folded, insert one end of your elastic (I used an elastic headband to cut my elastic from) under the fold to the edge and pin on either side to hold the elastic and the fold for sewing:

Follow the above steps for the other end of the fabric, making sure that the headband lays correctly and isn't twisted:

Sew straight across each end, backstitching a few times, to secure the elastic and the folds:

I forgot to take a picture of this part, but you'll notice that when you've sewn both ends they kind of stick out a little because of the way the elastic is sewn on.  I just flipped those ends under so that everything lays flat and sewed across it again.  This way everything lays flat.  You'll be sewing over the elastic again.  You'll see what I mean should you decide to make this!  Set your headband piece aside for now, and let's move on to the "shamrock".

To create your shamrock flower, trace a "shamrock-ish" shape onto a piece of felt:

Cut out TWO of your shape {and if you let your 3 1/2 year old help...it will look like this}  This will be the base for your shamrock part of the headband:

Now we'll cut the circles that will become your flower.  To determine the size needed for the leaves/petals I just measured the width of my shamrock shape (mine was 4" across) and cut the following:
8 circles 2" across (or half the width of the shamrock)
4 circles 4" across (or the width of the shamrock)

The circles don't have to be perfect; I just measured the width I needed and eyeballed the circle shape.

To create your leaves/petals you will follow the following steps for each circle.  {I first saw this technique on House of Smiths...love it!}

First, take one of your larger circles and fold it in half:

Then fold one side toward you to the middle:

Fold the other side away from you to the back so that it matches up with the front and makes this cone shape:

Pin this to one of your four (or three, if you wish) leaves on one of your shamrock shapes
**Please note that I originally sewed on my pieces, but it would be fine to just use hot glue for the rest and skip the pinning/sewing**:

Repeat with the other 3 large circles for the remaining leaves on your shamrock, and you will have this:

Following the same steps as above, make four of the cone shapes from four of the small circles and pin them in place as shown (between the large cones):

I then very carefully sewed a small circle in the middle of the shamrock to secure all of the pieces at their corners.  I chose to sew them so that I could "fluff them up" a little more and didn't want them glued down where I couldn't fiddle with them.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I ended up gluing on some more cones after the fact anyway...oh well!

My camera decided it didn't feel like having enough battery power to finish the rest of the pictures.  However, the rest is pretty self-explanatory, so I'll just talk you through it!  

After, you have the pieces attached, flip your whole shamrock over and carefully cut around your shamrock shape (you'll be shaping mostly the large cones you attached).  After cutting around the edges it looked kind of funky to me, so I made cones from the other 4 small circles and glued them on between the 4 that I had already attached (see finished product).

Finally, to attach to your headband, glue your other felt shamrock (with nothing attached) to the underside of your headband where you want your shamrock bow to be.  Then, match up your finished shamrock piece to the one you just glued, sandwiching your headband in between, and glue in place.

To finish off, glue a button to the center of your shamrock!  I used a button cover kit (from Hobby Lobby) with matching fabric because I didn't have another one that really matched.  But, feel free to use whatever!

Put it on your little cutie and enjoy!  I think it's cute for St. Patrick's Day and beyond!


  1. This is so cute!! Love how you used ribbon to cover the elastic!

    Found you through 733!



  2. This headband turned out really cute! You have a very cute little girl! :)