Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sneak Peek: Reversible Tie Back Swing Top

I came up with and made this sweet little top during our snow day the other day, and I took pictures along the way.  This will be my first tutorial!  I haven't yet edited all of the pictures or figured out how to explain all of the steps...haha!...but I hope to have the tutorial posted in the next few days.  Yay!  It's a super easy top to make (make a quick and easy pattern from a shirt you already own), and is very versatile as it can be worn through all seasons and is reversible.  Hopefully someone else out there will find it and make it :)  A few pics until the tutorial is ready...

The top features sweet swing top styling and ties down the back.  There are no visible seams so the shirt is reversible too!  Great for active little ones because you can just flip it around if one side gets stained.  Perfect for spring or summer by itself, or with a shirt underneath until it's warm enough!  How sweet will this look alone though!?

{yes, this is snow on the ground in Alabama...crazy.  We've had more just this winter than in the entire rest of my life combined!  We have literally missed 6 days of school due to snow...unheard of!  Funny thing is it was about 50 degrees later in the same day that I took this picture...the day after 2 inches of snow...only reason this snow hadn't melted yet is because that area gets very little sun}

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